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Certified, Secure & Legal

Certified, Secure & Legal

Our security team includes a Data Privacy Officer with CISSP™ and CREST CRT™ certifications. Electronic contracts have the same legal validity and enforceability of pen-and-paper documents when executed in compliance with local e-signature laws.

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Upload a document or choose from templates

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ESG Friendly

ESG Friendly

SignTime reduces the amount of paper and energy used in the course of business. Every day millions of paper contracts are posted, flown, and driven throughout the world to be signed and then posted, flown, and driven back to their sender. Stop this needless waste with e-signatures and digital contract management.

Mark Bivens, Founder and General Partner, Shizen Capital

“Our Japanese Venture Capital fund was looking for an e-signature solution that was flexible and would be appropriate for all of our portfolio companies while complying with Japanese rules and regulations. The SignTime product is rock-solid, targeted at meeting our VC specific needs and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to invest. ”

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Document Design Tool

Draft and customize contract templates

SignTime's goal is to provide the easiest and fastest e-signature experience anywhere!
Simply upload an existing document, drag and drop any needed fields, and presto! You're ready to send. Our current default fields include sign, text, date, check, initial, credit, attach, and merge! You can also select whether the field is required or optional and add color codes so you know which signer is signing in which location.

SignTime Document Designer Tool

Hand-Written e-Signatures

SignTime's proprietary, wet-ink-like signature tool enables mouse and touchscreen signers to produce a final document that looks as if it were signed with pen and paper.

For those of you in Japan, upload your hanko image or allow us to generate one for you!

The tracking algorithm records data unique to the mouse movements of each signer, strengthening authentication and legal compliance.

SignTime Signature Handwriting Tool Demonstration

Add style and personality

Stay on top of business processes and send reminders to recipients to ensure business critical documents get signed and not forgotten!

With SignTime's detailed reporting and signature tracking, track performance statistics, close rates, and other business critical information to drive digital transformation and improve corporate profits.

Draft and customize contract templates

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management

Multiple Organizations and User Roles

SignTime understands that not everyone operates in a single person/single organization hierarchy. Our e-signature solution is designed to accommodate multiple entities and organizations.

SignTime also understands that different roles have different needs. Set up your organization as you see fit—make it so your head of legal is the only person who can load new templates, while your sales team can send contracts for e-signatures to your customers.

SignTime Multiple Organizations and User Roles

A signature solution for venture capitalists and private equity

Templates Drive Productivity

Standardized, speedy contract signing

Whether you're sending an NDA, a sales quote, or a contract for signature, templates make the job easier!

Build templates for every occasion, have default NDAs and contractor documents ready to go, and enjoy a faster and easier e-signature process.

SignTime Built-in Contract Templates
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